Operations Team

Sanford Rosenthal*
Director of Operations

Sanford is in charge of running all of the back office Operations and Processes to ensure all of our Clients are receiving the maximum benefits from Rosenthal Wealth Management Group. Sanford spent 20 plus years consulting for fortune 500 companies in the Telecom Market doing Project Management in various parts of the world - including Brazil, parts of Africa, Europe, Indonesia and most recently Dubai.   Many of the skills he has acquired have been applied to Rosenthal Wealth Management Group and additionally he has developed in house software to compliment 3rd party applications to ensure our back office work flow is functioning smoothly.


Sanford and Dian live in Haymarket, VA and have two beautiful daughters Mikhaela and Anastasia.


Chris McKay*
Director of Communications

At Rosenthal Wealth Management Group we believe in reinvesting our money back into the firm to ensure we are able to offer state of the art technology to our clients.  To insure these dollars are being invested wisely, we brought Chris McKay on board to serve as Director of Communications.  He brings two decades of information technology and broadcast services experience to our team in order to keep up with our complex technology and communications needs.  His vast experience and research into where the financial industry is with regards to technology and also where things are headed so we may exceed industry standards has proven to be one of the firms smartest decisions.  He is an asset to the firm and many of the wonderful improvements our clients experience has Chriss hand prints on them.

In addition to the behind the scenes work Chris does with the firm, he also produces The Larry Rosenthal Show and several other radio programs running on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio, WAVA, WABS and WRC in the DC Area.

*Not registered with Voya Financial Advisors.